Frequently Asked Questions


Greenis introduces Italian sensibility and style to blender design. As one of our Italian colleagues said so succinctly, “The kitchen should be a place of art. Appliances should not look like automobile parts.”


Noise level is an important parameter that serious manufacturers must consider in product development. The better the motor and insulation, the less the noise. Power blenders are commonly rated 85 – 95DB. Our commercial brushless DC motor is the quietest power blender in the world – around 75DB at top speed. The high-quality motors and double sound insulation in our domestic machines give them a 77- 80DB rating. (Note: decibels are measured exponentially, meaning 85DB is ten times louder than 75DB.)


Power blenders are often rated 30,000RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) or higher. Invariably these ratings are from bench testing without load – we can all fly in our dreams. In real world applications blades encounter resistance and speed drops. Under load, high-end power blenders might achieve 12,000 -14,000RPM. The commercial Greenis brushless DC motor maintains a constant 15,000RPM unaffected by load. Our Domestic Universal motors can also reach speeds of 15,000RPM under load because of sophisticated Greenis micro-controllers.

Drive Socket

The drive socket is the coupler that transmits motor rotation to the jar. Greenis drive sockets are stainless steel, not plastic, ensuring smooth power transmission and damage resistance. (Picture)


Greenis jugs feature 4.5mm thick walls made from BPA-free Tritan plastic – the thickest Tritan jugs in the world, unmatched for durability and toughness. See a car run over one, twice.

Greenis provides uniquely shaped, rounded jug interiors to maximise delivery of ingredients to the blades.

Greenis 2L jugs come in two shapes, squat and tall, to best fit your kitchen.


Japanese Stainless Steel Blades have been integrally aligned and tested to match and maximise the blending power Greenis motors and different jug shapes. Our engineers test blade efficiency and toughness by crushing hard objects such as glass – or blending a whole apple without water. Greenis blades are not one size fits all, but tailored to our jug shapes for maximum performance (photo of blades in 2 different jugs)


Like most high-end machines, Greenis has current and temperature overload protection. Greenis takes safety much further, with security systems that activate when the jar is not properly placed on the motor base; when an unintended operation is accidentally applied to the control panel or when the blades are obstructed, adding important additional protection to you and your machine.


Choose from highest quality, tactile Classic electronic buttons or Touchscreen interfaces. Note: Greenis uses only highest quality capacitive touch panels for sensitivity and scratch-resistance, waterproofing and durability.


Wherever you are you will find Greenis.